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Ana C. Balica DDS, PC
Steinway Natural Dental
3149 Steinway Street
Astoria, NY 11103
Phone: (718) 545-7175
Fax: (718) 545-7175

Dr. Balica offers the best dental care available, using the latest technological and medical advances in a holistic, patient-oriented environment. Our holistic approach to dentistry stresses the use of nontoxic dental materials and focuses on the impact that dental toxins and hidden dental infections can have on the body.

Through a full spectrum of restorative and cosmetic procedures, we offer you the opportunity to maintain a healthy and brilliant smile. Our welcoming and soothing care includes: crowns, dentures, implant restorations, non-surgical gum treatment, root canal treatment with Endocal-10, extractions, emergency services, painless dentistry with oral sedation, smile reconstruction and more.

A personalized, thorough and complete consultation can help you start the journey towards optimum oral health. Dr. Balica and her staff look forward to meeting you!
Fluoridation in New York
According to the most recent (2014) report issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 71.4% of residents in New York served by community water systems receive water that has been fluoridated.

To find out if fluoride is currently added to the drinking water in your community, click here.
Howard G. Hindin DDS
Jeffrey S. Hindin DDS
Jill I. Meyer DDS
The Hindin Center for Whole Health Dentistry
2 Executive Blvd., Suite 206
Suffern, NY 10901
Phone: (845) 357-1595
Fax: (845) 357-2428

A more beautiful smile, healthier gums, straighter teeth, a better night's sleep, the elimination of TMJ related jaw and facial pain and dramatically improved overall health -- this is all possible with proper care of your mouth from the dental professionals at The Hindin Center for Whole Health Dentistry.

Located in Suffern, NY- just 45 minutes from Manhattan- we perform Reconstructive, Pediatric, and Cosmetic Dentistry, as well as treat Sleep Disorders and TMD. The Hindin Center's pioneering work in the area of sleep is closely watched by dental professionals from around the world. Using the latest technology and techniques, we've helped literally hundreds of patients with sleep apnea, snoring, and night time breathing problems.

At The Hindin Center, we're working with children and adults not only to improve your smile and the health of your mouth, but to provide optimal dental care that can also help you maintain overall good health. That's certainly something to smile about.
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New York City
Nikolas Jimenez DMD
Presence Holistic Dental and Biological Spa
1877 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10031
Phone: (212) 926-6700
Social Media: Facebook

Our holistic dental medicine and wellness center offers a wide variety of services as well as convenient hours to accommodate your busy schedule: Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 9:00 pm and Saturdays 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. We look forward to meeting you!
Yorktown Heights
David L. Lerner DDS, PC
The Center for Holistic Dentistry
2649 Strang Blvd., Suite 201
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Phone: (914) 352-5097
Fax: (914) 245-6063
Social Media: Facebook

Our holistic and biological general dental care blends the art and science of modern dentistry with the wisdom of the world's traditions of natural healing. Most importantly, our approach to dentistry takes into account that there is an entire body connected to your teeth. It considers the consequences and effects of dental treatment on the entire body, not just the tooth being treated.

At The Center for Holistic Dentistry, we believe that you deserve the opportunity to make informed choices regarding your future dental health. We know that when you feel empowered to take control of your dental health, we will best be able to serve you. That's why we take time to educate you about your health, show you what is happening in your mouth, explain how it affects your body, and let you choose from the available treatment options. To learn more, call our office today!

Port Jefferson
Leonard T. Fazio DDS
Atlantic Dental Wellness
1303 Main Street, Suite #2
Port Jefferson, NY 11777
Phone: (631) 474-7477
Fax: (631) 474-7427
Social Media: Facebook

We are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for each of our patients through state-of-the-art dental care. We are committed to providing comprehensive dental care in a manner that emphasizes quality of care, the ethical practice of dentistry, a high degree of service, consideration for the patient and the efficient delivery of needed care.

We also know that cutting-edge equipment and advanced training isn't the end-all and be-all of true dental care, and we are proud to offer every one of our patients personal attention in a warm, comfortable and confidential atmosphere.

Dr. Fazio has been practicing mercury-free, metal-free and fluoride-free dentistry since 1993, and he is dedicated to the practice of holistic, integrated dentistry. Dr. Fazio was trained by the renowned Hal Huggins, DDS, and continues to expand his knowledge of all complementary therapies and protocols used to promote oral and overall health.